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Texas Consumer Taxes

Sales Tax
6.25% Tax §§151.051

Cigarette Tax
$20.50/thousand cigarettes Tax §154.021

Gasoline Tax per Gallon
20¢ Tax §153.102

Use Tax
6.25% Tax §§151.101

Liquor Tax
Beer $6.00/barrel; Malt liquor >4% 19.8¢/gal.; Still wine <14% 20.4¢/gal., >14% 40.8¢/gal.; Sparkling wine 51.6¢/gal.; Spirits $2.40/gal. Alc. Bev. §§201.01, et seq.

Gambling Tax
Bingo Enabling Act 3% facility rental; 3% prize Occ. Code §2001.501,502

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